Ebook Improve your Achilles Tendon Rupture

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My story, my knowledge, and my rehabilitation proposal can be yours.

Made for patients, from an expert health professional.

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Take a look at the Index:

  1. Instructions for reading this book
  2. Anatomy and function. 
  3. My Achilles tendon rupture

Pre-injury times

Day 0. A bad decision?  

The moment of injury

Days before the intervention

Surgical intervention

Immediate postoperative period

First week. The return home

Understand your pain

Second week

How to get the Walker type boot 

First month. Days 15 to 30

Bureaucracy and first movements

Revisions and the beginning of the  


Second month. Days 31 to 60 

Third month. Days 61 to 90

Fourth month. Days 91 to 120 

Fifth month onwards 

Timeline of my own rehabilitation

  1. Nursing Care

Personal hygiene 

Surgical wound care

Subcutaneous heparin. Application 

  1. Feeding after surgery



Bad news

I learn, therefore I am

Supplements and vitamins

What the science says

 Lifestyle changes

  1. Achilles Tendon Rehabilitation and Strengthening Introduction

Phases and exercises

Fortnightly programme

 Programme objectives


 Dosage of the exercises

F0. From injury to surgical intervention .

F1. First fortnight

F2. Second fortnight

F3.  Third fortnight

F4. Fourth fortnight

F5. Fifth fortnight

F6. Sixth fortnight

F7.  Seventh fortnight

F8. Eighth fortnight

Day 120 onwards. What now?

  1. Resolution of sequels and frequent conflicts
  2. Urgent Answers  
  3. Annexes

Annex 1. Food.

Annex 2. Self-programming of  exercises

Annex 3. Exercise tables F1 to F8.

  1. Glossary.
  2. Aknowledgements.

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  1. Duncan Mansfield (propietario verificado)

    My personal circumstances really benefited from getting this book.
    I live in a rural district in the UK many miles form the nearest hospital, I had 2 visits 1st to diagnose and cast no op the 2nd to remove the cast and put into an aircast for 4 weeks.
    I was given a list on the protocol for this injury and told to wait until Physio contacted me.
    You can imagine the shock I was in and really the only help I could get was by trawling the internet for advice and information.
    This is the NHS very good Staff but very badly managed and quite wasteful on costs.
    I managed to find this book which explained the trauma and helped my understanding of this which was more than I received from my health authority.
    Carlos also checked in periodically to ask how my progress is going.
    I start physio on 31st of March I ruptured on 17th April at least I got some exercises I could do from this book to prepare for the next stage, also great advice on getting through this stage just living with it in rehabilitation, some great tips.

    • Carlos A.

      Thank you so much, Duncan!
      I do appreciate you took your time to write these words.
      Keep working out. You´ll get better soon!

      Physio hug.

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